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Throughout the centuries, people have looked for signs in the heavens to reveal the end times Day of the Lord. Pastor Larry Huch combines the promises and prophecy in God's Word, the predictions of NASA, and the repetitive patterns of history, to reveal what lies ahead.

4 Blood Moons - Your Future Begins Now!, the expanded version, will take you on a prophetic journey to discover the signs, seasons and cycles that have been put in motion for this time in history. In this exciting series you'll find out:

  • What the signs of the times are
  • Where we are in God's prophetic timeline
  • Why it is critical to have eyes to see and ears to hear
  • Why prosperity is part of the prophetic equation
  • What the connection is between God's blessing and the shemitah
  • Why we can expect the soon manifestation of the latter rain

Get ready for prophecy to be fulfilled. Take the doom and gloom out of the end times. Put everything into perspective and expect God's end time transfer of wealth, prosperity and blessing in your life!

Four Blood Moons - Your Future Begins Now! 6-CD Series

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