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Pastor Larry Huch continues this incredible prophetic end-time journey in Part 2 of his series, The 7 Churches of Revelation.

These next four sermons, on both DVD and CD will encourage you to be prepared for the rapture. They will inspire you to actively engage in preparing the world for the coming of the Messiah.

The revelation you get in Part 2 includes:

  • An overview of part one, the Pergamos Church and the secret of the "sharp two-edged sword".
  • Insight into the destructive doctrines of Balaam and the Nicolaitans and how it relates to your life today.
  • The mystery of the "hidden manna," the "white stone" and an overcoming anointing for the end-times.
  • The Church of Thyatira, the deceptive spirit of Jezebel and the powerful Spirit of Elijah that comes upon the righteous.

The teaching in this series shows you that what the Lord gave to the first church also applies to us in the last church. This is your personal call to action to stand for biblical values and to stand with Israel.

Jesus and the Seven Churches of Revelation - Part 2

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