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One of the most profound scriptures in all the Bible is Matthew 9:29 when Jesus said, "...according to your faith be it unto you." What a revelation of the power and promises of God waiting to be released through your faith!

If you've been searching for answers and secrets to walking at the highest levels of faith this 3 CD six message series by Pastor Larry Huch is for you. You will learn

  • What measure of faith God has given to every believer
  • What God means by "Be it done to you according to your faith"
  • Why you have the choice to develop "negative" or "positive" faith
  • Why your words create and have the power of life or death
  • How meditation on God's Word can give you control over your thoughts
  • Why evil speech "lashon harah" will block God's blessings in your life

Without question "According To Your Faith" is the cutting-edge series you've been looking for to strengthen and transform your walk of faith.

Product Includes: 3CDS/6 Messages

According To Your Faith 3CDS

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