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Dare To Dream - 2 CD Teaching Series

These are extraordinary times. God is opening portals of His presence and giving dreams and visions to believers everywhere. He is moving His people from just living in the natural, to thinking, imagining and realizing the supernatural. He's restoring to every believer what He placed in them at creation - creativity, imagination, and the unlimited possibility to dream and see those dreams become a reality. "Dare To Dream" by Larry Huch will catapult you from doing what you can do, to believing what God can do. You'll begin to think differently and increase your faith level to believe for superabundantly above all that you can ask, think, dream of, or imagine. You'll discover how to tap into God's unlimited power and make your dreams come true. You'll learn five, simple keys to take your dream from just a concept to actual reality. And most importantly, you will find out that God is not a dream stealer, but a dream dealer, Who is waiting to give you a brand new dream. Dare to dream and step into a future full of God's unlimited possibilities.

Dare To Dream 2CDS

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