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Your heritage as a child of God is to experience all of His prosperity in every area of your life ‑ spiritually, physically, relationally, and financially. As a partaker of the covenant of God you are blessed to be a blessing. The world's wealth is nothing compared to the unlimited riches of God's kingdom.

Pastor Larry Huch's teaching series The Hidden Secrets of Prosperity ‑ The Energy of Abundance and Wealth Is Waiting For You! will help you discover what the Bible really says about the power of God has given you to gain wealth. He has stored up abundance for you during these last days. As you listen to each of these powerful, dynamic, life-changing messages, you'll learn that:

  • Money answers all things
  • God wants you to be blessed
  • You have the power to get wealth
  • You have a divine inheritance of prosperity
  • Solomon's keys to prosperity can unlock wealth in your life
  • You can gain wealth, multiply it, and live a lifestyle of blessing
  • God has stored up everything in His vaults just for you

The hidden secrets of prosperity are unlocked and revealed to you as you receive God's end time blessing of abundance and wealth in your life!

Includes 3 CDs

Hidden Secrets of Prosperity 3-CD Series

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