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Take your life to a higher level as you discover the supernatural blessings of God hidden in the revelation of the mezuzah. Pastor Larry Huch's teaching series "The Mysteries of the Kingdom: The Mezuzah – Doorway to the Supernatural" combines powerful Christian teaching and ancient Jewish wisdom that will release an extraordinary anointing and blessing upon you, your family and your household. As you study and explore this 4 CD teaching you'll learn:

•  Why God commands us to put His Word on the doorposts of our homes
•  What a mezuzah is and why it is important to us as believers
•  How the mezuzah is a doorway to the supernatural power of God
•  Why the mezuzah is a sign of the bloodline that the enemy cannot cross
•  Why you can expect to be blessed as you leave and enter your home
•  How the mezuzah releases prosperity and opens doors for your business

Put the Word of God on the doorposts of your home and open a doorway to God's promises, power and presence and a truly blessed life.

Mysteries of the Kingdom: The Mezuzah - Doorway to the Supernatural

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