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Hidden in the Passover celebration of the ancient Jewish people is a breakthrough for your life!

Pastor Larry Huch's teaching, Passover - Journey to Your Promised Land, reveals the power behind the Great Shabbat of Nissan, the meaning behind Passover, the redemption of the Lamb of God who breaks every bond and leads you out of Egypt into the blessings of God.

Discover why God chose a lamb for Passover and what it meant to the Egyptians. Find out why every Jewish household was required to obtain a lamb. Learn why blood was placed over the doorposts. Uncover what the seal of the blood protected the people of God from and why they left Egypt with silver and gold.

You're about to leave Egypt forever. It's your time to pass over into grace, favor, and the miraculous as you step into God's Promised Land for you.

Product includes: 2CD/1DVD

Passover - Journey to Your Promised Land 2-CD/1-DVD Package

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