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The world has seemed to divide itself into two camps in relationship to Israel. On one side are those that love and support the Jewish people and the Land, and on the other side those who seem to abhor anything and anyone associated with Israel. Within the anti-Israel camp, there are those who uphold that side as a result of misinformation and lies, and those who are simply uninformed and follow along. If these people can be reached and persuaded, then the swell of support for the Jewish state can grow exponentially.

Israel Indivisible is a documentary that tells the story of Israel and the Jewish people, as seen and heard through the lives and voices of the people who lived and died to establish and hold the land God calls His. From Abram and the Promise to the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the film examines the biblical, archeological and historical evidence for the ancient and modern country of Israel. Following the early yearnings for Zion in the Diaspora to the search and yearning for peace today, the film examines the many political twists and turns that make Israel the world's most controversial nation. At the center of all of this history is a group of people who are arguably the world's most persecuted. The story of the many is tied together in the story of the one, and that one is Israel.

Israel Indivisible: The Case for the Ancient Homeland DVD

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