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Reclaim your lost heritage as you discover the Jewish roots of your Christian faith with Pastor Larry Huch and Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

Share in an intimate conversation about the Torah, the blessings in the celebration of the Sabbath, preparing the world for the Messiah, the meaning behind the menorah, and the secret and mysteries hidden in the Hebrew language in part one of this exciting series.

In part 2, trace the Biblical foundations of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith with Pastor Larry Huch. Your life will be enriched as you hear these two exciting messages. Take another step in your personal journey do uncover the ancient wisdom of God and reclaim your lost heritage.

Pastor Larry Huch is a nationally recognized ministry leader, pastor of DFW New Beginnings in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, co-host of “New Beginnings,” an international television broadcast and author of the best seller, “The Torah Blessing.”
He is joined by Rabbi Daniel Lapin Rabbi Lapin, America's Rabbi, the author of several books and host of a weekly radio program. His weekly Bible study, Thought Tools, reaches over 13,000 readers with ancient Jewish wisdom.

Product Includes: 2CD/1DVD

Reclaiming Your Lost Heritage

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