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How close are we to the coming of the Lord? Of course no man knows the day or the hour however God promised to give us signs. These signs are universally known in Bible prophecy as 'birth pangs.' The Lord uses them as an early warning system to tell us something incredible is about to be birthed. In the continuation of this incredible prophetic series from Pastor Larry Huch you will learn about more signs of the end-times that are leading us into revival or rapture. It contains a wide-range of end-time topics including:

  • Who is the Bride of Christ?
  • Who are the 2 Witnesses and the 144,000?
  • The Tribulation and Armageddon
  • The Sabbath Millennium

God's magnificent timeline is coming to pass right before our eyes. Let each of these 6 phenomenal sermons inspire and instruct you so you can be ready for the greatest days of your life.

Includes 3 CD's and 6 Messages

Reading The Signs of God - Revival or Rapture, Pt. 2 CD

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