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God's principles of sowing and reaping don't just apply to our tithes, offerings and gifts. They apply to everything ‑ even our words. The words you speak over yourself and others do grow up and reap a harvest for good or for evil.

Pastor Larry Huch adds revelation and understanding to the Jewish concept of lashon hora and exposes the dangers of gossip, slander and speaking evil not only for the one speaking, but the one who hears. You'll find out why idle speech and destructive words are dangerous. During this critical teaching, you'll discover:

  • Why the principles of sowing and reaping apply to the words you speak
  • Why it's important to remember, that if "You say it, you pray it"
  • What the Jewish concept of lashon hora is and why you have to take it seriously
  • Why gossip, slander and evil speech destroys the speaker and the hearer
  • Why evil speaking in Jewish tradition is equal to murder

Begin to put a watch over your mouth. Speak words that are profitable and produce positive, not negative, results. Make a decision today to speak no evil, hear no evil and walk in the blessings of God.

Includes 2 CDs

Speak No Evil 2CDS

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