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This beautiful 24" tallit is made in Israel of soft, durable, acrylic featuring the colors of blue, white and gold. It is adorned around the collar with the traditional Hebrew blessing woven in gold; "Blessed are you, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who has commanded us to wear the tzizit". The corners or wings say "God will bring us to Zion joyfully".

Since the days of Moses, the prayer shawl has been one of the well known symbols of the Judeo-Christian faith. As a Rabbi, Jesus wore a Tallit, not only to be an example of how to honor God's Word but also to reveal to us the deeper truths behind this ancient biblical tradition. Many believers are now choosing to reclaim this garment as part of returning to the Jewish heritage of their faith.

Israel Blue Yehuda 24" Acrylic Tallit

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