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Your covenant with God includes the fulfillment of the promise of experiencing an abundant life. However you may not be living in the fullness of God's blessing because you haven't been taught how to kill the weeds that have come to choke out your harvest. Now in this breakthrough teaching, Pastor Larry Huch reveals how to break specific destructive patterns and remove the spiritual obstacles preventing you from living in the joy, peace, and prosperity of the Lord. Chapters include:

  • The Creative Power of the Tongue
  • The High Cost of Anger
  • Breaking the Curse on Your Money
  • The Curse of Unforgiveness
  • Honor Your Father and Mother
The promises of God are yours through Jesus Christ, but first you must learn how to reverse the curse so the blessing of God can be released. Take the next step and send for this powerful, life-changing resource today!


  • Now in 8th printing


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Ten Curses That Block The Blessing Book

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