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God's eyes are constantly searching for someone to heal, someone to bless, someone to prosper and someone to favor. In "Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets", Pastor Larry reveals many of the undiscovered blessings and revelations God has for you, your family, your church, and your destiny, including:

  • How to Activate the Covenant of Success
  • The Miracle of the First Fruits Offering
  • Ten Minutes That Changes the Direction of Your Life
  • The Jewish Secrets of Baptism that Release Miracles
  • Your Part in God's End-Time Plan of Redemption
By understanding and tapping into this ancient wisdom from God's Word, you can discover the revelation knowledge and set in motion the power, promises and miracles God intends for your life and future. Send for this incredible resource today and begin a new journey towards the blessing and favor of the Lord.

"Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets" is also available on a DVD/CD set!

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Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets Book

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