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Hearing Jesus wisdom, and seeing the supernatural works of His ministry, the disciples wanted to know what was at the center of His power. When they realized it was His times away in prayer, they asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.

His response, recorded in the Gospels, is a foundational and familiar prayer for believers. Hidden in the Lord's Prayer is the power and wisdom every believer needs to grow intimate relationships with God and others. In Our Father‑The Hebrew Understanding of the Lord's Prayer Pastor Larry Huch shares deeper truths on this model prayer of Jesus.

Experience the intimacy of the fatherhood of God. Appropriate the power and anointing in God's name. Live in the reality of God's Kingdom every day. Believe every day for the provision and blessing you need. Practice receiving and giving forgiveness. Be an active part of the glory of God and His Kingdom in the earth. Discover the fatherhood of God and experience a deeper place of intimacy and relationship in prayer.

Product Includes: 4 CD/8 Messages and a Bonus Prayer CD by Pastor Tiz Huch.

Our Father ‑ The Hebrew Understanding of the Lord's Prayer

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